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Ideas for Teachers using

Class teachers can use the pairs game, as an interactive group activity in teams of four.

Focus on times tables for all types of learners as the new maths curriculum requires.

Set up a peer mentoring session, perhaps in a weekly registration slot to help weaker students improve.

One-to-One tutors use the individual game to coach students through their weak areas.

Sencos/Intervention leaders set up a times tables support course for students who need it.

Teaching assistants use in small group activities to help students visualise what is meant by times tables.

Maths department set up a weekly use of cards at key stage three and allow students to chart their progress.

Key stage two teachers use the individual game for a peer-coaching activity.

Teaching assistants use the cards as flash cards to reinforce prior learning.

Numeracy co-ordinators teach other staff how to use cards as part of numeracy across the currciculum.

Adult maths teachers use the cards as an alternative way to establish understanding of a concept which students may fear.

For more info on any of these suggestions please email me.
Turn Tables was originally designed to help students who arrived at secondary school without a secure understanding of times tables. Now primary and secondary teachers use it around the world.
I like to carry a box of turn tables as part of my kit. It is a great starter and lets me see where the students need help. Lucy, Private tutor in Warwickshire
I get students to focus on the diagrams and what they mean. I ask them to visualise the diagrams when doing times tables. Claire, Special Needs teacher.
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